Visit Rhode Island for Vacation or Staycation

When I moved to Rhode Island in 1997 I knew three things about the state:

  1. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union.
  2. It is home to the first Baptist church.
  3. It was one of America’s 13 founding colonies.

As a southerner that was the sum total of my Rhode Island knowledge. Boy, have I learned a lot since 1997!

Visit Rhode Island |

The Ocean State IS the smallest state in the America but she contains a diverse culture, history, and landscape! Whether you are a resident looking for Rhode Island Staycation Ideas or a tourist looking for Rhode Island Vacation Ideas, there is a lot to see and do in Lil Rhody.

Experience Rhode Island Like a Local

Some things are just uniquely Rhode Island. If you want to see Lil Rhody through the eyes of the locals I strongly suggest you check out:

  • Providence Performing Arts Center.

Experience Rhode Island Cultures

If exploring cultures is your thing then you are in luck! Several major groups of immigrants chose RI as their adopted home. French Canadians, Portuguese, Italians, and Hispanics all populate neighborhoods around the state.

Each Rhode Island community (often churches) hosts festivals in honor of various religious holidays and cultural traditions. Parades, craft fairs, bazaars, and food stands can be found most weekends from spring through autumn. Traditional clothing, music, and food are all waiting for the adventurous to discover at the next neighborhood festival.

My family has enjoyed the following events:

Experience Rhode Island History

Beginning in the 1600s as a colony, Rhode Island’s recorded history spans four centuries. History is my “thing” (I earned a BA in history in college) so we have toured many places in RI to learn about the people and events that shaped our state.

  • Roger Williams National Memorial.
  • Slater Mill Historical Site.

Experience Rhode Island Landscape

Rhode Island boasts over 400 miles of coastline but beaches and rocky cliffs aren’t all we have. Many inland state and city parks provide perfect picnic locations, as well as wooded trails that beg to be hiked. There are also down city Providence areas ready to be explored.

Our active family recommends you visit:

  • Goddard State Park.
  • Water Place Park.
  • U-Pick Farms and Hay Rides.

Experience Rhode Island Animals and Plants

Our family enjoys learning about and observing the world around us – whether it’s birds, sea creatures, or marsh grasses we suggest you spend a day at:

  • Roger Williams Park Zoo.
  • Roger Williams Park Natural History Museum.
  • Biomes.
  • Rome Point.

As an active family we are constantly exploring our state for home school field trips and fun. Join us as we visit, explore, and discover Rhode Island!




  1. I’m loving all of these staycation ideas! I’m filing them away on my pinterest ‘places I want to visit with the kids’ board.

    RI may have to wait until the kids are bigger, since it’s quite a road trip for us! :) It looks beautiful!
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