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Did you know learning math and science can motivate your child to eat his vegetables?Yep! It’s true!

This week in school we are studying the human skeleton. During our family supper last night my children took turns explaining different things they had learned about our skeletons. My 5 year old piped up that our bones need calcium and vitamin D to grow bigger and produce blood cells. He proudly proclaimed that green vegetables contain calcium and help our bones.

Not long after this my husband encouraged Sam to finish eating his supper, including his broccoli. As Sam began to resist daddy reminded him that to grow taller (as the 4th child this is always a goal!) he needed calcium from the broccoli. Well that did the trick! Sam happily ate his broccoli proclaiming with each bite that he was eating calcium for his bones.

I think our children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for at times!! In honor of Sam and his growing bones this week I am focusing Family Fun Friday Parenting and Learning Features on Math & Science Fun.

Math and Science Fun on Family Fun Friday

  • Karyn at Teach Beside Me has the most amazing and disgusting science post – conduct a MOLD experiment with your kids. You’ll be surprised at their conclusions for the dirtiest areas of their home. Ick. But very cool!
  • The crazy cold temperatures we are seeing this winter make this the perfect time to teach our children to read a thermometer. Holly at Kids Activities Blog shared with us a thermometer printable and craft to make a practice thermometer.
  • Children are natural scientists because they constantly ask questions. Natalie is training her daughter at Afterschool Smarty Pants to hone those questioning skills. Take a look at the fun experiment they recently conducted separating two materials!
  • Tauna is my kind of sneaky mom! She makes learning math fun at Proverbial Homemaker. Take a look at some of her favorite methods.
  • Krissy has found a way to make learning fractions fun! Maybe if my teachers had used the method she shares at B-Inspired Mama I wouldn’t have struggled so much with this tricky math concept.

I hope you are inspired to look for new ways to teach your children math and science skills this week. Whether you home school or public school, we are all about creating a lifestyle of learning!!

Speaking of a lifestyle of learning, Sarah is featuring Saving Money in the Kitchen ideas. This is an area I’m focusing on in 2014. I can’t wait to read her features.

Saving Money in the Kitchen Family Fun Friday

Meanwhile, Diane is featuring A Delicious Family of Desserts. I’m wiping the drool off my chin as I type!

Delicious Family of Desserts Family Fun Friday

Learning as a Family is on Monica’s mind this week. I love learning with my children!

Learning as a Family on Family Fun Friday


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  1. I love your story about Sam! I hope to encourage my boys to do the same. Thanks for sharing your story and for hosting.

    • Stephanie Kay
      Twitter: stephmommybrain

      Thanks, Monica! Sam is my strong-willed child. All the rest of my kids can be cajoled or bribed into eating foods they aren’t thrilled about. Not so with Sam. He will sit in his seat ALL day and not eat lunch, snack, or supper before he eats something he doesn’t want to – even with the offer of favorite dessert if he eats. So finding something that motivated him to eat broccoli was a HUGE bonus for us. I never imagined having my PreK5 join us for science class would have such a great outcome! :)

  2. My kids respond in similar ways. They’re more inclined to eat better when they know the benefits. They’re really funny about when I juice for them, because I make it in a way that they don’t taste the veggies, so they’re constantly asking me to make juice. They get all excited & once they drink it are very proud that they’ve had a healthy drink w/fruit & veggies. It’s so cute! Thank you for hosting!
    Caroline recently posted..Biblical Character For Kids: The Words We SpeakMy Profile

  3. Sarah
    Twitter: theEarlyBirdMom

    You’ve picked some really fun ideas this week, Stephanie! I have always had a love of terrariums, although I don’t have one right now. That certainly would bring a nice pop of green into this cold winter! Thanks for hosting!
    Sarah recently posted..3 Things I Learned From Tracking My HabitsMy Profile

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    I agree with your statement wholeheartedly when you say that our kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for generally. I’m a homeschooling mum to two kids under ten myself and used to teach at kindergarten before my wedding. Both my son and daughter have one problem area – math. I have been trying everything I can with them but generally it doesn’t help; unless they are sitting on the computer and doing some math games (or even problems!). But when the same thing comes to paper, it doesn’t work. I chanced upon this place called which has these worksheets and also online math games and I am somehow making do with it for the time being – I turn to websites like these only when there is no other option to make them do math (which is pretty often :( ).. I so loved going through some of the methods of the Proverbial Homemaker, especially the many online resources mentioned in her post .. Thank you! Let me see if I can try out some of those ideas for my kids.. Thanks for a great post!


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