I am thankful for… my husband.

The summer before my senior year of college I stayed in town for summer school, instead of relaxing at my parents’ home 3 hours away. I worked on campus, lived with my boss’s family, and got four classes out of the way.

One Sunday night a few of us college students helped out with the children’s group at our church. As I watched one of my guy friends play with the kids I thought, “He’s gonna make a great dad one day.”

Boy, was I right!!!

Fast forward 16 years and I watch that same guy play with OUR kids every day. Granted, there are times when I question his judgment, like in August when he taught our sons how to start a fire on our driveway using magnifying glasses! But, it’s difficult to stay annoyed when he also shows them how to walk on homemade stilts, demonstrates the power of air pressure with plastic bottle “rockets,” and spends his vacation days taking our sons to Cub Scout camp outs.

 I am thankful for my husband.

 I am so thankful for my husband, the dad he’s become, and the role model he is for our four sons!

Why are you thankful for your husband?




  1. Stephanie Kay
    Twitter: stephmommybrain

    By the way, I LOVE this recent photo of my 5 men! It captures the goofy nature of our family perfectly!

  2. A is for Adelaide
    Twitter: martinkadelux

    What a great hubby!!

    I’m thankful to have found a man who will do anything to make my dreams come true.

  3. That picture is too funny! Ahh, I am so glad my hubby is coming home tonight. He’s been on a business trip for a whole week and this is such a busy time of year for my business. It’s been a long week with work and kids & house work & homework & pets. I am thankful for his work ethic and his love and loyalty to our family!

    • Stephanie Kay
      Twitter: stephmommybrain

      I’m sure holding down the fort isn’t easy! Thankfully my husband doesn’t have to travel for work but he does occasionally deal with all night support issues. My husband also has a great work ethic that he’s instilling in our kids.

      I love this picture! We had spent the afternoon having our photo taken for our church’s pictorial directory (which is why they are all in suits) so when we got home I couldn’t resist the great lighting in our backyard for a few fun candids. The baby’s expression could not have been better if I had planned it!!

  4. Not sure if my last comment went through!
    I am grateful for my husband hard work supporting our family.
    Ps that pic is too funny! :)