How to Build a Snowman with No Snow

We live in Rhode Island where snow is expected during the winter. But so far this winter we’ve had no measurable snowfall at our house. No snow means no snowmen. {insert sad face}

Or does it?

Not wanting winter to pass without making a snowman, I turned to Pinterest for snowman inspiration and now I’m sharing with you. Here are 4 ways to build a snowman with no snow (the first 2 ideas are mine).

1. The Rice Krispie Treat Snowman.

Make a batch of Rice Krispie treats. Let the gooey mixture cool enough to handle. Butter your hands so the treats don’t stick to you. Then use your hands to form the treats into 3 balls – small, medium and large. Stack the balls.

Coat the outside of the stacked Rice Krispie treat balls with white frosting. Place sprinkles, licorice strings, red hots, or other candy of your choice on the Rice Krispie treat snowman to create his hat, scarf, eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

Take pictures of your snowman and then eat him.

2. Plastic Bag Snowman.

Fill 3 plastic bags using other plastic bags, wadded up newspapers, wadded up sheets and towels. Close the bags with twist ties, string, or chip clips. Stack the bags on top of each other. Cut eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons out of construction paper and tape onto the outside of the bags. Add a scarf and hat.

3. Sock Snowman.

This idea comes from We used their awesome tutorial to make the above snowman. Instead of reinventing the wheel I suggest you visit

4. Empty Toilet Paper Roll Snowman.

Inspired by Crafts by Amanda we made these snowmen out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper. Glue or tape a piece of white construction paper to the outside of the cardboard tube. Color the snowman’s features on with markers or cut and glue pieces of construction paper.

See? Who says you have to have snow to make a snowman!

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  1. Last year we made a name snowman that was a big hit with the little ones. We don’t have snow yet either…though we did in October for a day!

    If you are interested…

    (Oh, when will your official debut of EFL be? I am creating a new blog…and have an idea to link to your 100 books!)
    Annette W recently posted..The Benefits of PreschoolMy Profile

  2. Stephanie
    Twitter: stephmommybrain

    Annette, we will officially launch Feb. 1. I love your new blog. Feel free to link to my 100 Books or is this an idea you want to do together?
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  3. This is great! Here in New England we usually have plenty of snow, but sometimes it’s just too cold to go outside and make a real snowman!

    • Stephanie Kay
      Twitter: stephmommybrain

      This year was winter was especially brutal! We had snow in RI but never enough that stuck around on a day my husband was home so we could go sledding. Hopefully next winter will provide more sledding opportunities.