31 Days of Feeding My Family on a Budget

31 Days Feeding My Family on a Budget

Welcome to 31 Days of Feeding My Family on a Budget!


I am often asked how I save money at the grocery store and how I feed my family of 7 on $500 a month. I’ve decided to answer the questions here in a blog series for 31 days (give or take a few).

What you need to know…


First, you should know that there is no right or wrong way to save money on groceries. The tips and tricks I’m going to share may work for your family (I hope so!) or you may decide you don’t like my methods. That is TOTALLY OK!! Feel free to pick and choose what you want to implement for your family.

Next, you should know that my family includes 7 individuals: my husband and me; our sons ages 10, 8, 4; our daughter age 7, and our infant son who is currently breastfed. I’m sure your family looks different and that will influence how you shop.

Also, you should know we do not have a garden, chickens, or raise goats (although certain friends continue to try to change this!). All of our food comes from a grocery store or supermarket in Rhode Island.

What I’ll share in the next 31 days…


I hope you come back each day to share your tips and tricks with me! I am always looking for ways to cut food costs and look forward to your comments.


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