A Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas decorations

Merry Christmas!! This is our first Christmas in our new home. OH!! I haven't told you about our new house! The quick version: in June we sold our small home in the suburbs and bought a large home on five rural acres. Exactly one month later Baby #6 (Andrew) was born. Crazy does not BEGIN to … [Continue reading]

What caused my 9 month blogging break?


Nine months. That's how long it has been since I published a new blog post. It doesn't feel that long and it certainly wasn't my intention to let my little corner of the internet sit silent for that long. But, life... well, life has been just a bit busy. The last post I published shared my 40th … [Continue reading]

My Unforgettable Birthday Gift

Shocked by my 40th birthday gift

Today I am forty years old. 40. Officially middle-aged, according to my dad. Odd. I don’t feel middle-aged. In my head, I’m 32. I’m not sure … [Continue reading]

Learn Rhode Island History at Smith’s Castle

Discover Rhode Island at Smith's Castle

"That's it?! That's not a CASTLE," my family protested as we drove up the long driveway. Oops! Apparently I forgot to tell my family that our field … [Continue reading]

Refined by Motherhood

I am refined by motherhood.

For forty-five minutes I held my sixteen month old son in my arms as he cried and cried. No change in position brought him comfort as his little body … [Continue reading]

Saving – A Family Affair on Family Fun Friday

Saving - A Family Affair on Family Fun Friday

It's that time of the week again... Family Fun Friday! This week I have an announcement. After today I will no longer be a regular host for Family … [Continue reading]